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The Basics: Remember  
1. Reduce
2. Reuse
3. Recycle

Viaventure ( is a tour operator based in La Antigua Guatemala who endeavours to provide the best and most professional travel experience possible to our clients as well as adhering as much as possible to Sustainable Travel best practice. Our company operates thanks to the communities we visit, the local people we work with and the natural beauty and heritage of the countries we work in. We therefore believe that we have a responsibility to all of these, so that generations to come will also be able to see and experience what we and our customers do.

An integral part of our Sustainable Tourism program is the "Viaventure Foundation" ( . Founded in Sept 2006 the foundation raises money from each tour that we operate as well as donations from client companies, guests and suppliers and distributes this to a number of local development programs in areas of education, health, micro-credit, conservation and reforestation.

Another part of our commitment to Sustainable Travel is this program - "Guatemala Green" a program to educate suppliers and local people about reduction of waste and offer one practical solution - a recycling program. The program currently operates in the Antigua area of Guatemala but we hope we will be able to grow across Guatemala by different means. 

If you would like more information on the recycling program, would like to arrange for us to pick up your materials for recycling, would like us to make a presentation at your school or to your staff or would like to make a donation to help support the operational costs of the program please email us on

The recycling program operates in conjunction with a local bio-diesel project, Bio Persa (Supported by the Swiss Government) who recycle used vegetable oil to make bio-diesel. Our collection vans are operated by this program and they run on bio-diesel fuel.

As part of the Guatemala Green program we are also working with an NGO called Global Visionaries to develop and give presentations on the environment / protecting natural resources to local schools and local government to get them interested in getting involved.